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YEVO--a New Food MLM in Pre-launch that's already changing the Food and MLM Industry. IT'S YEVOLUTIONARY.

Do you want to earn money in an honest and ethical and highly successful business - in fact, the most successful business in history doing more than 4 TRILLION DOLLARS per year world-wide?

We have people from all walks of life who are motivated and driven individuals who want to lock arms and take this opportunity to the top! Our dynamic team also includes a world-renowned celebrity preventative care physician who has been a featured guest on thousands of radio and TV shows including Oprah, other medical doctors and chiropractors, business and marketing experts and network marketing icons who have been featured on the cover of Six Figure Income Magazine and as a highly esteemed leader in a New York Time's Best-Selling book about the revolutionary developments in the network marketing industry! Most importantly, Team Powerhouse understands that people and relationships are the foundation and cornerstone of any successful network marketing company. Why This has Never Been Done Before in the MLM Industry There is no larger industry than the Food industry and this new company could the biggest launch in MLM history in decades. Peter Castleman is making way for his new network marketing company to go global as he gets ready to unveil his nutrient dense, whole food products in the USA that are truly a categorical creator. This company will not be in the Billion Dollar industry of the Supplement world, but the 4.3 Trillion Dollar industry of something we all need to survive, FOOD.

Our Health Problem and YEVO the New Food MLM Solution: The premise for our product line comes from research conducted by the World Health Organization or W.H.O. Studies in W.H.O have shown that for "optimal health", our cells require 43 different essential nutrients. These 43 nutrients must come from external sources, meaning Food. The typical person is "overeating" calorie wise - yet "starving" nutrient wise. This in turn helps to explain the obesity problem in our country and why being undernourished has become the norm for so many.

Moreover, collectively we are in a health crisis with a lot of confusion and people trying to address their health by taking many different roads; the Organic Road, the Non-GMO Road, the Antioxidant Road, the Gluten-Free Road, etc. These roads are not addressing the foundation. The bottom line is that our FOOD is meant to nourish our bodies. What our bodies need from the foods that we eat everyday are 43 Essential Nutrients. Many people are overeating unhealthy foods and starving inside because they are not getting these 43 Essential Nutrients, which are the nutrients that when absorbed cause your body to signal your brain that you are full. These 43 Nutrients ensure that your cells are nourished and they sustain health and promote growth. The mass population is probably not even getting half of their daily nutritional requirements and this foundational weakness is at the root of many of the diseases so common today

"Yes. We can change the world. This is a big, big idea."

The Solution:
To Tackle this Global Health Crisis, Peter Castleman's new Company, YEVO, has obtained the exclusive rights to a patented new revolutionary dehydration method of preparing and packaging "Nutrient Dense Foods". This technology allows them to infuse each delicious entree that consists of whole based foods with all 43 of these essential nutrients (macro and micro) - plus 20+ grams of protein, fiber, and omega 3 fatty acids. Two YEVO meals a day, and you will have 100% of your daily nutritional needs. The TOP chefs and formulators in the world have created a mouth-watering line of entrees from some of the most popular food items around!

YEVO will market the ultimate consumable product, FOOD! Not just any food, but some of the HEALTHIEST, WHOLE BASED food products in the world that are ALSO delicious and affordable!

Why are People SO Excited to Join YEVO? PETER CASTLEMAN... Peter Castleman, Herbalife, Isagenix, 4Life, Life Vantage, Vemma You might say that Peter Castleman has the so-called Midas touch when it comes to knowing what it takes to build a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR company. People are actually coming out of retirement to be part of this extraordinary company. Peter is also a man with a passion for health and people. YEVO is his powerful vision to change the world one meal at a time. First, Peter graduated from Duke University top of his class in Economics. He became a Professor at Harvard then worked on Wall Street, JP Morgan then Managing Partner at Whitney Capital Equity Group with merger and acquisitions. Extremely successful, he bought North Face when it was going bankrupt and turned it into a three Billion/year company and sold it. He did the same with Igloo, and many others. Peter started importing Chinese herbs and grew a company to 50M/year and sold to NuSkin--this became Pharmanex which NuSkin grew to almost 1 Billion/year. Peter was quite impressed with the power of network marketing. So four years after the founder of Herbalife passed away and the company was in a mess, Peter encouraged his 39 partners at Whitney to purchase Herbalife. They only agreed with the hedge of another Equity partner named Golden Gate. They bought Herbalife when it was a 700-800 Million dollar a year company and within five years with Peter as the Chairman of the Board, Herbalife grew to more than a three Billion dollar a year company. Peter then tried to purchase Herbalife with his own funds for 43 dollars/share but they wanted 47/share and there was no budge, so he passed. Peter's long dream has been to start his own network marketing company with its own culture and mission and with a passion for health. Now, Peter is about to launch YEVO, that's been four years in the making. Now in pre-launch as of November 19, 2014, YEVO will officially launch and be born, February 1, 2015. In the meantime, people can start signing up for free and pre-building their teams with a company that is destined for unprecedented greatness across the globe.

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Here's one last section that should put it all together. Hopefully you've taken the COMPLETE TOUR of our Healthy Food Business - Yevo International - by exploring the links above.

So, if you've gotten this far, you're curious and interested but have not yet made the decision to JOIN the fastest growing new kind of business around - Network Marketing or MLM. OR it could be that you are already in an MLM but you're still struggling to make ends meet.

AND if this is the case, I can tell you that it's NOT YOUR FAULT. It's the product that you chose, or the people who are at the top of the company. They may not know what they're doing. OR they may be so stinking rich by now that they don't care about those who are joining their business today. This is most-often the case and it may describe the Network Marketing Company that you've joined. IF SO - THIS IS DEADLY for you because it means that this company you're in now has reached the end of its economic life.

Most MLM Companies reach the end of their economic life within five years of their launch because they have uncovered all the suckers that are ever going to fall for their ridiculous sales pitch about a product that is either a fraud, does NOT DO what it is supposed to do, or is over-priced and competes with thousands of other products already on the market that accomplishes the same thing at far less cost to the consumer. Are you in one of these? You have to be honest with yourself at this moment, or I cannot help you. I know it's probably true because I have seen hundreds if not thousands of online marketing companies that fall into one of these two categories.

IF the product you're trying to sell online is one of these, admit it to yourself. It's only human to make mistakes. I've made thousands of them. BUT at some point in your career, you have to admit your mistakes, learn from them and do your best to never do that again. Your family depends on this highest order of intelligence and self-reflection, dedication, etc. from you.

IN our case - Yevo International - as you may bave determined by now is NEVER GOING TO FIND the end of its economic life, at least NOT IN YOUR LIFETIME OR MINE. This is because it's all about food and there are SEVEN BILLION souls on this planet right now who must consume this kind of product every day, three or four times a day or they die. They cannot avoid our product. BUT, even better, there is no one who wants to eat LESS HEALTHY as they AGE. AND, we are the ONLY CO. on the planet with FOOD that is COMPLETELY and TOTALLY PACKED with HEALTH in every spoonful. If you think we have competition - think again.

When you go down the aisle of the grocery store in any town or city in this country, AND IF YOU BOTHER TO PICK A PACKAGE UP and READ THE INGREDIENTS ON THEIR LABELS - you will see that almost EVERY SINGLE ITEM contains mostly SUGAR, SALT, PRESERVATIVES, GLUTEN, CHEMICALS, FATS and even TOXIC substances created in a laboratory. OUR FOOD has none of these ingredients. AND is the only company dedicated to BRINGING OUT in the future as far as the eye can see - ONLY PRODUCTS that are COMPLETELY HEALTHY like the ones we have produced thus far. Our oatmeal for example has ten times more protein and fiber than the NATIONALLY KNOWN BRAND. All of our products have no chemicals, no pesticides in growing them, no preservatives, no GMO'S, nothing that can do any harm and in fact CONTAIN ALL of the 43 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS, MINERALS, and other nutrients that the body MUST HAVE EVERY DAY OR IT DIES.

So, I hope you can see by now that this is a TRUE kind of Business Opportunity that comes around only ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME. That lifetime can be yours. All you need to remember is that this is the kind of product that changes the world. It is completely unique and new and so it will take time for the rest of the world to adopt it because it is - to be honest - a new way of thinking about how to feed one's family. So, it is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick scheme. But it is a Get-Rich-Slowly scheme if you work it steadily and a little bit more every day. BUT, I'm going to teach you how to work SMART and not HARD. This has been my philosophy since the day I entered the work force and I've never regretted it and I LOVE TO SHARE it with anyone who joins me. I'll show you how to have plenty of people JOIN YOU EVERY DAY. For this is THE SECRET of Network Marketing. You have to have a SYSTEM that you can hand on down to your downline and know that THEY can DO THE SAME and in this way, the levels are achieved that PAYS YOU the BIG MONEY that only a good and healthy MLM can do. If you explored every link about, you already have seen or maybe even USED the Power Lead System and now you are a LEAD of mine. IF SO - You will start getting messages from me ALL the TIME and sooner or later, your knowledge will grow to the point where you will fully comply with the wisdom I'm giving you here and JOIN ME. I give to all my downline the SAME SYSTEM because it works.

IF I have satisfied all your questions - go ahead and JOIN - The cost is ONLY for some of our FOOD so that you can try it and GET HOOKED on the NEW FEELING it will give you. If I have not satisfied all your questions, just CALL. I'm available almost all the time to answer them. IF NOT - just leave a message and I get back to everyone.

By JOINING HERE TODAY - you start off on the new economic model that will pay dividends for life. FOR MORE and/or to GET STARTED - JOIN US! The rest will come to you. Join the ONLY BUSINESS that FEEDS your family while you HELP FEED EVERYONE ELSE - Don't WAIT!

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