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* The Yevo 43 Essential Nutrients *

It is no secret that we are globally suffering. Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer are not just showing up with adults but we are now seeing it in kids. Around the world this has been happening while people turn a blind eye to the real cause. Our bodies have NEED 43 essential nutrients daily in order to thrive.  These essentials our bodies can’t produce we need them from our foods.  However even when you are at the grocery store “trying” to pick healthy foods.  They don’t even come close to have of these essentials needed. Our Food Is Killing Us!

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join yevoThe word is out and spreading fast as we approach the mid November date slated for prelaunch of this up and coming food company.  What on earth is a food company?  Visions of groceries, diets, etc. seem to come to mind but the reality is this is not a diet company, it is not a supplement company and no, it isn’t a “grocery company”.  It is just as the rumors suggest a FOOD company but it isn’t as simple as that!
The food goes beyond what we are able to find anywhere else.  It is nutrient dense providing the 43 essential nutrients the body needs for optimal health.  Weight loss?  Might very well be a positive side effect but this is NOT diet food.   This is food many of us eat already only better and easier to prep.  Requiring only water to prepare and having a shelf life of 3+ years…. this is food eveyone will want.  From oatmeal to pudding, sauces to mac & cheese; initial offerings will include approximately 100 commonly consumed foods & beverages.  No more guilt complexes for busy Moms/Dads…. imagine having your childs afternoon snack be pudding but pudding that is nutrient dense providing real goodness?  Or, think about those campers, backpackers, survivalists, etc. that want lightweight, easy to prep, long lasting food supplies?  Now think about every working person currently grabbing junk food as their meal on their break who can now have truly good food that not only costs less but provides real nutrients they need to be healthy!  Thats right, this litle food company is slated to be huge!

Tired of having more month than money?  Now is the time to align with us and be part of something great.  Part time, full time or spare time.  If you have a need for additional income,we can show you how to be part of this and build a future you can be proud of.   Let’s face it, your boss isn’t going to be handing you a life changing raise anytime soon.  Give yourself a raise!

And if you, like us are industry leaders… we don’t even need to tell you what you have here or how to proceed!  You already know, right now is the time to get on board.  We aren’t new to the industry.  We know how to market and we know how to work with a team.  We have aligned very well within this company and that alignment brings with it an advantage that will benefit everyone on the team.  

It isn’t often you have the opportunity to be involved with something this big before the door opens.  If you have an interest, let us know by contacting us.

YEVO Compensation Plan: Highlights



Comp plan highlights: 9 bonuses

1. Personal sales – 25% on retail, 15% on preferred customers

2. Preferred customer bonus – 4 customers you get $40 per mo, 6=$75, 10=$200. Every month

3. 1st 30 days – 25% CV bonus

4. Unilevel: 7 level – Max % by level: 10, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

5. Rank bonus: reach silver 1 in 90 days = $250, every person you help reach silver 1 in 90 days you get $250 bonus for each

6. Team builders bonus – Additional $50-$125 bonus on personal silver 1,2,3′

7. Leader bonus (generational) 6 generations. Max % per generation – 3,3,4,4,5,5 THOSE ARE HUGE NUMBERS for this kind of bonus and would have increased my previous check by 350% or more!!!

8. Infinity bonus for highest ranks of additional .5% up to 1%

9. Global bonus shares 1-8 shares


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How to Construct an Online Business to get a Healthy MLM Organization.

Then you must read this short article in depth, if you prefer to earn money online or if creating money on the internet is the employment, by-line, or occupation. Firstly let me make it clear there's just one way and that our job as citizens of the world economy is to become financially independent as fast as we can. You've to have the merchandise that everyone must use up so that it's easy to locate clients every day and more importantly, your clients all continue to buy from you every month. And, second, you've to have a great business model, one that reproduces all the way to all of your providers that will make them financially separate and successful too. Subsequently, and only then, can you become a financially independent man in this crazy economy.

I do not like to beat round the bush, mince words, and squander your time so I'm likely to inform you right away that this publication will make you money and money that one can count on for the remainder of your daily life.

You may forget anything else you have been advised about business or the Economic System since this state has gone off in to a fresh kind of future that no one could actually have foreseen. In the Jerry Seinfeld world, they'd call this the Bizarro Market and they'd be appropriate. Nothing actually makes sense any more. Nothing is minding the regular laws of physics.

What this means is just one factor to me and I trust it will come to mean the same to the majority of my readers. These tough times mean that in order to survive you've to become an extraordinary judge of your own needs, the needs of the state, the needs of your household.

On the flip side, I never, never want a retail store where I'm a slave to your job which keeps me there watching the shop night and day and I'm not prepared to compete with the other shop owners on my road where my clients can compare my goods to all the other products in most the other stores. Hence, I want to have something exceptional. It must be healthy. It must be profitable. AND most importantly, it must be something where I can have lots of help from thousands of sales individuals who are making me money even on days where I do not care to work difficult. I'm idle.

That is why I selected the business and the methodology which is detailed here in this publication.


1. People must eat food every day or they die.

2. As individuals age, they want to set healthier and healthier food in their bodies to ward off disease, to live with more and better energy and to prolong life.

This WELLNESS Food Business publication was authored by me and published for the overall public since these would be the roughest times in Usa's history with respect to our desperate economic straits. Over 23 Million workers in this state are either UNEMPLOYED or UNDEREMPLOYED, which means that this many individuals are not able to support their families completely. AND unfortunately, this is JUST GOING TO GET WORSE. OUR OWN GOVERNMENT has allowed their buddies on Wall Street to ROB ALL THE BANKS of the WORLD and then they even GAVE THEM PLUSES and BAILOUTS as a REWARD for being the BIGGEST CROOKS IN HISTORY.

Even as we speak, the 'New Normal' seems to be just around 150,000 Jobs Created each month. And, America needs at least HALF A MILLION NEW JOBS created EVERY MONTH, only to keep up every year with the School Graduates entering the Job Market.

This indicates a GROWING SECTION of our people must begin considering CREATING their PARTICULAR SUPPORT and even though there are many paths for performing this today, the best one is a way which requires almost no investment, and so little risk and which also has a high CHANCE of ACHIEVEMENT ( in case you follow the guidelines I am listing herein.) That's Network Marketing.

That Is the way I solved my personal economic difficulty when I turned 40 and figured out that I was not definitely going to be provided any important opportunities any more, unless I produced them for myself and this is precisely what I did and boy am I happy because I now have two kids in college and that's quite expensive. Plus planning for my own retirement on top of that type of disbursement is really daunting. I'm doing through Network Marketing chiefly and publications such as this one that educate individuals about the significant difficulties in the world now. The finest solution - and I mean this wholeheartedly - is ECONOMIC FREEDOM. In case you are like me, you'll just get that by following the suggestions in this post.

First of all any of my visitors who've been in a network marketing program before may bypass this preface. It's actually intended for those who've little or no expertise with the notion.

So, the Only Degree of marketing is a known model of promoting in a serial way from one deal to another and nothing is actually happening when the representative has finished his deal. You want something considerably simpler if you are like me, idle and you do not want to work that hard all the remainder of your life.

Unfortunately, however, things do not stay the same and nonetheless there will be a fourth as well as a fifth protege trained in this business of marketing fruit in baskets and that's even more rivalry for the same business. The fortunes of these three or four individuals will depend on how quickly they can get rich selling their fruit baskets before almost everyone in the community is a fruit basket salesperson and the cost has gone to almost zero, there's longer any real gains and the market is saturated with fruit.

One believes, there has to be an improved means. And, there's. Suppose that these same individuals were taken by us and tied their productiveness to each other instead of acting as independent agents? What if Agent A. who educated his protege, Agent B, could profit every time Agent B made a deal of a fresh fruit basket as an override commission? What if Agent B also crazy an override fee on the sales that his protege Agent C made, but also Agent A, made another override percentage on the sales of Agent B and C?

This is the start of network marketing model. It can go on for several more generations. It can go to infinity. It can go down just four or five generations, the main point being that now the rivalry isn't so lousy, and in fact, the more individuals Agent A trains and recruits, the more money he makes from all of the other Agents on down the line. In fact, if he's done his job properly Agent A can retire if he has enrolled enough other agents to do the same thing he does and they in turn have also enrolled enough other agents going down several amounts.

This implies your earnings can develop and keep to grow even though you are on holiday, desire to retire or another sort of time-off. Try that with an OCCUPATION.

Now, people are purchasing just the essentials. It Is truly a share economy.

Remember to be successful today because of all the INCREDIBLE CONTEST int he world now to endure - You must have:


2. The Company that has the merchandise.


3. The System that BUILDS a DOWNLINE for you.

Our merchandises are consumed by everyone SHOULD

ever day.

You should have such a commodity.

So, individuals aged 40 and around and even many individuals below the age of 40, who might nevertheless be able to locate a job flipping burgers or washing cars are simply turning to Network Marketing to make their way in culture. The MLM Business that individuals pick as their very first attempt could eventually even control their financial and economic fate and so the reason for this publication and is crucial to their success or failure.

In all these Social Networking Web Sites, you need to go out and INVESTIGATION for FRIENDS and SEND THEM FRIEND PETITIONS. Even for Twitter and in Linked In and Face Book, you can SPECIFY the AGE, and other DEMOGRAPHICS of the individuals you want to BEFRIEND. So do not waste your time with kids, anyone under 40 that's. They're just at the period in their intellectual development where they're working at a job or looking for an OCCUPATION. They're NOT normally entrepreneurial at this period in their lives. They're out to have entertaining mostly. Can you blame them?



Get LANDING PAGE website and an AUTO-RESPONDER. This is the place where you send your people so that they can DOUBLE OPT-IN, therefore get your OUTSIDE of the CANNOT SPAM category and permitting you to EMAIL THEM AS MANY Times as you care to. This is critical because most individuals need to find your offer at least TEN TIMES before they even begin to take you seriously. So you do not have to WORK so aUTORESPONDERS with weekly automated E-Mails to all of your buddies GETS THIS DONE by a robot challenging



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More wholesome, tasty, nutritious and more economical food is currently available to anybody who wants to stay longer, stronger, fitter lives and spend less on their food bills at the same time. We additionally have meals that is cleaner, more natural, free of harmful additives, substances, GMO's, hormones, or substances and is more suitable and fitter than anyone else can supply you. Our food additionally stores for up to 25 years without refrigeration, so on top of all these other benefits, it also protects you and insures you against starvation, economic collapse, financial calamities, natural disasters, and just about any other form of the worst case scenarios that you can envision. These other food-affluent countries who we made affluent by us investigating their natural resources for them pay us back by stealing from the American public and building up their markets for them. Yet, they expect us to eat it. It's no wonder that we're all getting so ill that health care is now the biggest part of our economy, nearly one-fifth of our occupations and cash goes to physicians, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. What can you do about this alarming trend? You need to change your life-style and begin buying food that is wholesome and exceptional, won't put you into the poor house and it'll make you live longer and healthier lives

Nonetheless when you change your food ingestion and private delivery to us, you're getting more of the food from from cleaner alternate sources of all natural food and traditional American resources also. Food is important and in your area it is even more important because your state is so large that we want to motivate everyone to make the swap to cheaper, cleaner food and wholesome food supplementation. That's what we do and were the only business on the planet that does that at an affordable cost. If you'd like to lower your monthly food bills and conserve cash and even make money online, you should also join our business as a representative. Now, this is living. So, begin saving today and get financial independence or retire early by joining the movement toward more economical and cleaner food in your neck of the woods.